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           Be Healed Global Outreach Ministries

                                                    ministering prayer, healing and deliverance to the hurting



Charity Homes Orphanage is located on the south west of monze town in southern province of Zambia. Its formation sprouted from ideas put together by three people: Mrs. Charity M. Kazimoto, Mr. Abel Miti and Mr. Nile S. Kazimoto in November 2009. 

Equipped with one common aspect, “love for children”, the three decided to have an orphanage registered under Charity’s name because it was very significant in the aspects of charitable work. On the other hand Charity’s dream to start an orphanage started way back in 1997, when she felt that she had a calling from God to take care of orphans. For many years her house has been an aboard for orphans. 

On 29th April, 2010, Charity Homes Orphanage was successfully registered under the Societies Act No. ORS/102/50/259. The vision given to Charity and her husband Mr. Kazimoto, was to care for the orphans as mandated both the United Nations here on earth and by Jesus Christ the Messiah above in heaven. When they got this vision God instructed then to surrender a large estate with 5 bed-roomed house, petrol water pump and uncompleted piggery house to charitable orphanage. 

With little resources put together, only 15 beds and mattresses were bought including beddings, kitchen utensils and a few basic necessities in order to get started. On 20th June 2010 the first 5 children were enrolled and 2 months later, another 5 were enrolled. The house can accommodate 40 children but currently there are only 13 children between the ages of 4 – 11 years. 

Charity glorifies God despite her disability on one of her legs due to a polio infection while young in 1961, that HE has given her a heart full of love for the young and hopeless children. 


Charity Homes Orphanage has a soul vision of giving hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with shelter, beddings, clothing, food, education, healthcare, entertainment, spiritual and moral support. 


Our mission is to incorporate every race and tribe from any part of the globe into a home full of hope under one God so that the parentless children can grow into well nurtured citizens of both Zambia and this earth. Our mandate is to open doors to the homeless and feed them. We are assigned:

  • To provide security and stable lifestyles to little boys and girls with a sure target of weaning them into the world by the time they get to 18 years of age.
  • To provide excellent infrastructure for children
  • To put up skills training workshops and a computer lab for children
  • To build strong relationship with the children
  • To build more hostels and school for older children
  • To value the positive contribution that children have made in the society.


The orphanage comprises of 10 committee members with limited material and financial resources. It is run by Board of Directors headed by the vision carrier and Chair of the Board, Mrs. Charity Kazimoto. We are financially crippled to meet all the requirements needed to run day to day activities because we are running the orphanage using our little personal resources from our pockets. In short, we only depend on contributions from committee members to feed, clothe and to send children to school. This has really proved to be a heavy task which requires God’s intervention. It is our prayer that you will not look at this call as just a mere message but as a divine call to stand with us financially and assist us achieve this vision.

Legal Status

  • Certificate of Registration – Societies Act Registration No. ORS/102/50/252


The major challenge is lack of finances because since the formation of the orphanage, we have not found any funder to assist us. The following are some of the challenges being faced:

a) Food - no balanced diet for the children who are already enrolled

b) Education - failing to afford education requirements/leaning materials/school fees, etc – education is said to be the key to success and today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.

c) Clothing - no proper clothes and beddings

d) Drilling of a borehole to have safe clean drinking water (currently a traditionally dug well is being used)

e) Building of a security fence round the premises - we are in a rural set up

f) Purchase of kitchen utensils – stove, fridge, etc

g) We cannot enroll more children in the house because of lack of adequate finances to feed, clothe or send them to school

h) We need to purchase 20 bucker beds and 40 mattresses + beddings to have the full enrollment.

i) Furnishing of the living room and dining room

j) To complete the existing piggery house for income generating activity to sustain the project as well as be part of the children’s diet.

k) Purchasing of 30 piglets, feed and vaccine

l) Building of poultry houses (broiler/layers) for income generating activities

m) Purchase of chicks, feed, vaccine

n) Chest of drawers for putting children clothes

o) Purchase of washing machine

p) Playing facilities for children and entertainment equipment – toys, swings, balances, sliders, sports material, television set, etc

q) Minor renovations in the house

r) Expansion – expansion is a key to every organization. As an orphanage we have mandate to help orphaned children but the number of children we have targeted cannot fit in our current infrastructure. Charity Homes owns more land on this estate where we can build more quarters and educational infrastructure to provide a complete Living and Child Development Centre.

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