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           Be Healed Global Outreach Ministries

                                                    ministering prayer, healing and deliverance to the hurting

Women of Purpose Foundation in Malawi

an outreach of

Debbie Banda Ministries International


Kaziwa is situated in the remote area of Kasungu District towards Kasungu National park and Game Reserve. Kasungu is approximately 125km from Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi.

Kasungu is the major tobacco growing district in Malawi, this being the case, people of Kasungu have for many years prioritized growing tobacco over education. This trend has seen many children being employed in tobacco fields as child labourers. The Government of Malawi has made strides to end child labour and has made primary school education free. The challenge now is that there are many pupils in schools and less classrooms as well as teaching materials. Kaziwa Primary school is one such school.

It is with this background that Women of purpose Foundation (WOPF) decided to work in the District of Kasungu. As one of its objectives, which is to promote education, and part of its long term plan, Women of Purpose foundation intends to construct additional two classroom blocks which will carter for four more classrooms, a library and a crèche for preschool children.

Rationale behind the crèche

From the interviews conducted with the teachers of kaziwa Primary school, there was a general concern that, lack of preschools pose a big challenge to standard one pupils and teachers as they have to start from pre-school work. It was also discussed that most pupils are stunted due to malnutrition, Women of purpose Foundation felt it could step in and construct an Early Childhood Development Centre for children from 2 years to 5 years, where Fortified porridge will be provided every day so that the children have at least one nutritious meal a day.

What is needed for the crèche

  • Construction of the Pre-school

The villagers together with their village headman as well as primary school Parent/teacher Association said they are willing to mould bricks for the centre, source sand and labour. There is need to provide with building materials such as cement, iron sheets, door and window frames, paint and other building material:

(cost: approximately MwK 8,000,000.00 equivalent of USD)

  • personnel

  • 3 care givers and 3 teachers

  • School materials

  • 50 children’s chairs
  • 10 children’s desks
  • Assorted toys
  • Teaching materials
  • Recreational equipment( swing, slide, sea-saw, full house)
  • 3 big pots ( for cooking meals)
  • 50 plastic plates, spoons
  • 3 plastic pails and other kitchen utensils
  • 2 black boards

(Cost: approximately MwK1,500,000.00 equivalent of USD)

How it will be managed

Women of Purpose Foundation will train care givers and teachers in early Childhood Development, these caregivers will work as volunteers. In return WOPF will disburse no interest loans to the volunteers, train them in leadership and Mentorship where goal setting is a major topic as well as business management skills so that they can be able to do small scale businesses to supplement their income. A committee was set to look into the administration of the pre- school, it is comprised of 2 teachers from the primary school, 4 community members and 1 staff from WOPF.

Rationale behind the Library

It was discussed that most pupils were not able to read and hence would perform badly in their exams but when asked about the same things verbally they were able to answer correctly, teachers’ bemoaned lack of a library as a contributing factor to the lack of interest to read. WOPF intends to rehabilitate the staff room into a library, and as a way of promoting the reading culture at the school, WOPF will be conducting reading competitions and winners will be awarded at the end of each school term, this competition will extend to teachers, those teachers, whose pupils got awards will also be given awards.

Things needed for the library

WOPF intends to purchase the following:

  • 2 computers and a printer for the library,
  • Solar system to power the computers as the school is situated in a remote area where there is no electricity power.
  • so far books have been sought from Malawi National Library,
  • Cost for library rehabilitation, 2 desk top computers, printer and solar power MwK2,500,000.00 equivalent of USD)

Rationale behind the two school blocks

The school has two school blocks which occupies four classrooms but has standard one to eight, only four classes are able to sit in classes the other four learn from under the trees and grass classrooms**see pictures below.

What is needed for the school blocks

Quotations were sought from 3 different contractors for the school blocks and they ranged from MwK21,000,000.00 to MwK23,000,000.00 equivalent of USD.