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International Christian Students Association (ICSA)

International Christian Students Association(ICSA)

An outreach of Debbie Banda Ministries International


Proverbs 22:6 (AMP) commands us to “train up a child in the way they should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it. 

International Christian Students Association (ICSA), an outreach of Debbie Banda Ministries International, is a non-denominational, Bible-believing association. We believe in teaching students across North America to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 

Christian students are and have always been on the cutting edge of any society. We fully understand from the scriptures that training up our children is of utmost importance to God, parents and the society at large because these students constitute tomorrow’s future generation. If these students are properly taught in the fear of the Lord today, there will be peace and tranquility in the society tomorrow. The future of the society lies in the hands of parents and how we train up our children today.


It is a known fact that the Word of God always provides solutions to overcome any problem one may face in the natural realm. Hence, we are convinced that the Word of God is the solution to the many problems our Christian students are currently facing in high schools, colleges and Universities, such as pre-marital sex, drug abuse, alcoholism, low self-esteem, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, homosexuality, peer pressure, among a host of other things. 

Therefore, our mission is driven in part by Ephesians 6:4b and 2 Timothy 3:15: 

Ephesians 6:4b (AMP)

But rear them [tenderly] in the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord.

2 Timothy 3:15 (AMP)

And how from your childhood you have had a knowledge of and been acquainted with the sacred Writings, which are able to instruct you and give you the understanding for salvation which comes through faith in Christ Jesus [through the leaning of the entire human personality on God in Christ Jesus in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness]. 

Since our students are the future leaders of tomorrow, we at Debbie Banda Ministries International believe we can make an impact in their lives by training them up in sound Biblical teachings. Therefore, the fulfillment of our mission takes place when these students become rooted and grounded enough in God's Word to reach out and teach others these same principles.


Our main objectives are:

  • To teach the students the Word of God in simplicity and truth and to assist them in becoming rooted, grounded and established in the Word of God by teaching them to give God's Word first place in their lives.
  • To teach the students the application of the Word in their individual lives and to bring them to the place where they operate proficiently in the biblical principles of faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption and righteousness, and bring them to the place where they can share those principles with others.
  • To teach them how to develop and cultivate the fruit of the Spirit.
  • To train them in prayer, evangelism, ministry and mission work, kingdom entrepreneurship, and success leadership strategies.
  • Program of Activities
  • Among other things, Debbie Banda Ministries International is committed to providing members of ICSA volunteer opportunities within our ministry to gain experience in various sectors of the ministry and business world.
  • Members of ICSA will have an opportunity to participate in various community awareness activities and fundraising programs to support the mission work carried out by the ministry.
  • Members of ICSA will have an opportunity to participate in our Biblical Mentoring Program for Leadership (BMPL) to become successful business leaders.
  • Members of ICSA will have an opportunity to learn team work and participate in team building activities.


Free Membership is open to all Christian students in high schools, colleges, universities as well as ex-students up to the age of 35 years. Individuals interested in this membership need to respond to this email and we will send out further information on membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to all parents/guardians of students and to those wishing to support the work of ICSA financially and through volunteer opportunities. Individuals interested in this membership need to respond to this email and we will send out further information on membership.


1. We currently have five (5) openings in North America for Regional Program Director positions. Initially this will be a volunteer position (s) for 2 years and thereafter, after successful completion of 2 years of service, the position (s) will convert into a paid position (s). No experience needed as we will train you.

ICSA Statement of Faith

  • We believe in one God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Creator of all things.
  • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died, was buried, was resurrected, ascended into heaven, and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father and is true God and true man.
  • We believe the Bible in its entirety to be the inspired Word of God and the infallible rule of faith and conduct.
  • We believe in personal salvation of believers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in sanctification through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit, and we believe in personal holiness, purity of heart and life.
  • We believe in divine healing and deliverance through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in water baptism, in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as distinct from the New Birth, in speaking with tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance (Acts 2:4), in the gifts of the Spirit, and the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit. We believe that all of these are available to believers.
  • We believe in the soon coming and personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please help us to spread the word about ICSA by informing your friends and family about this program. We appreciate your kind assistance. God bless you

Apostle Debbie Banda-Viggs

Founder & President

Debbie Banda Ministries International 

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